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Mohammed Nasir UddinThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Md. Yeakub Ali

Department of Mathematics Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology,Chattogram-4349,Bangladesh



Received: January 28, 2024
Accepted: April 13, 2024
Publication Date: June 11, 2024

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In this regard, we have investigated similarity solution of unsteady convective MHD flow of viscous incompressible fluid over an inclined porous surface with ohmic heating and viscous dissipation. Here, surface temperature and concentration may be considered as a variable according to the Power-law. The problem is assigned by the systems of nonlinear partial differential equation. We have introduced similarity variables on the governing equation to convert it non-linear ordinary differential equation by means of the similarity transformation. The possible four similarity cases have been derived for various possibilities and one of the cases is established elaborately for searching quantitative results. The shooting method is also used to obtain numerical solutions from the nonlinear partial differential equation. Fluid properties are derived graphically and numerically for different physical parameters arising from ohmic heating and viscous dissipation effects regarding this study. The Skin friction coefficient falls down about by 1.86%, Sherwood number rises about by 1.65% and Nusselt number falls down about by 4.88% due to the enhancing values of unsteadiness parameter varies from 0.5 to 10. Again, Skin friction coefficient falls down about by 3.03%, Sherwood number falls down about by 25.88% and Nusselt number rises about by 2.61% for the enhancing values of the inclination from 20◦ to 60◦ . This research can be applied in the surface water desalination plants, plasma studies and smart healthcare systems.

Keywords: Similarity Solution, Buoyancy ratio, Ohmic heating, viscous dissipation and Soret number

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