Jun Ma

Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology


Received: July 14, 2022
Accepted: October 26, 2022
Publication Date: December 14, 2022

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In this work, we propose the technique of a new Kudryashov for finding new traveling wave (TW) of three practical problems arising in cold plasma, namely, the modified Benjamin–Bona–Mahony (BBM) equation, the Zakharov -Kuznetsov-Modified Equal-Width (ZK-MEW) equation, and the modified Korteweg–De VriesKadomtsev-Petviashvili (KdV–KP) equation. Graphical representation for the acquired solution is presented through 3-D plots which variable parameters to show the efficiency and simplicity of the technique used. From these plots, the techniques prove to be a reliable and effective approach for solving nonlinear similar problems and can be accounted for in the near future for possible application to similar models.

Keywords: New Kudryashov Technique; Modified BBM equation; ZK-MEW equation; Modified KdV–KP equation

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