Yang Sun1, Shoulin Yin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.1 and Jie Liu1

1Software College, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang P.C 110034, P.R. China


Received: April 23, 2018
Accepted: July 11, 2018
Publication Date: December 1, 2018

Download Citation: ||https://doi.org/10.6180/jase.201812_21(4).0009  


In this paper, we present a new ultra-wide-band TEM horn antenna by using smoothing gradient structure and loading technology, which increases back-flow channel of low-frequency current. We make a contribution for this paper with three aspects. 1) Improve standing wave characteristic; 2) antenna reflection voltage optimization and 3) radiation characteristic optimization. Additionally, we add an absorption resistance at the end of antenna. This new ultra-wide-band horn antenna improves the low frequency characteristic of antenna and strengthens the directional radiation ability. Finally, we make practical experiments to prove the performance of our new antenna and make comparisons to other new antenna design methods. Results show that when coefficient of voltage standing wave is less than 2, the impedance bandwidth of new antenna is 11:1. The new method has strong radiation ability and good qualitative radiation characteristics, which can meet the requirements of radar system.

Keywords: Ultra-wide-band TEM Horn Antenna, Smoothing Gradient Structure, Loading Technology, Absorption Resistance


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