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Hazem Ali Attia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.1 and Karem Mahmoud Ewis1

1Department of Engineering Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Engineering, El-Fayoum University, El-Fayoum-63514, Egypt


Received: October 9, 2008
Accepted: October 21, 2010
Publication Date: December 1, 2010

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The unsteady magnetohydromagnetic Couette flow of an electrically conducting incompressible non-Newtonian viscoelastic fluid between two parallel horizontal non-conducting porous plates is studied with heat transfer.  A sudden uniform and an exponential decaying pressure gradient, an external uniform magnetic field that is perpendicular to the plates and uniform suction and injection through the surface of the plates are applied.  The two plates are kept at different but constant temperatures while the Joule and viscous dissipations are taken into consideration.  Numerical solutions for the governing momentum and energy equations are obtained using finite difference approximations.  The effect of the magnetic field, the parameter describing the non-Newtonian behavior, and the velocity of suction and injection on both the velocity and temperature distributions is examined.

Keywords: MHD Flow, Heat Transfer, Non-Newtonian, Viscoelastic, Electrically Conducting Fluids


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