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Chun-Li Hou  1, Yi-Teng Chen1 and Chen-Chuan Huang1

1Department of Electronic Engineering Chung Yuan Christian University Chungli, Taiwan 320, R.O.C.


Received: January 16, 2003
Accepted: June 23, 2003
Publication Date: September 1, 2003

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The configuration of the oscillator using a single differential voltage current conveyor (DVCC) is introduced in this paper. The circuit is mainly composed of a DVCC, two resistors and two grounded-capacitors. Nevertheless, the configuration is proper for VLSI implementation due to the grounded-capacitors. The Hspice simulation results are obtained by using UMC 0.5 µm technology process parameters.

Keywords: Oscillator, DVCC, Sensitivity, Total Harmonic Distortion, Frequency Stability Factor


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